IT Support for Non-Profits

Does your IT support your staff and your mission?

Use our Network Services, IT expertise, to protect your data and maximize IT investment.

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IT support for Non-Profits.

KLH Consulting has been helping non-profits leverage information technology (IT) to support their missions for over 40 years. Non-profits have limited resources to achieve their goals of serving the public. They need to leverage IT to communicate with the public and build support for their objectives, protect their donors’ information, implement disaster recovery plans to allow the organization to function during a crisis, and analyze data to decide how to direct limited resources. 

KLH Consulting’s team can become your organization’s IT partner, utilizing your current resources and helping you determine secure and cost-saving IT solutions to better support your mission.   


Let KLH Consulting help you secure your network for your employees and clients while supporting your mission.

KLH Consulting is your IT partner with our highly trained Network Solutions Team. We are here to be your go-to IT resource. Set up an appointment today to discuss your needs.

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