IT services that understand the complex software, infrastructure, and security you need to make and manage your products.

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Technology Support for Manufacturers and Distributors

KLH Consulting provides a full range of IT services to manufacturers who rely on technology for design, quality control, production, and distribution all around the world. We understand manufacturers and distributors have demanding and specific IT requirements. With our DataWatch and IT support services, we keep your operations running at peak performance and secure while utilizing manufacturing resource planning (MRP) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

We help manufacturers and distributors build a strong IT infrastructure that provides scalability and flexibility for employees to access critical information and applications from anywhere. Businesses need technology options that are convenient to use, affordable to maintain and offer new insights and capabilities to keep ahead of competitors and to provide insights to improve processes and maximize the utility of the supply chain.  we utilize the expertise we have accumulated since 1980 into your network infrastructure, IT support ERP solutions, inventory and warehousing software, and more to support your manufacturing or distribution business.  


We’ll help you protect and utilize your technology tools. 

Consider outsourcing your IT with our Network Solutions Team to utilize the robust technologies required to manage a secure and reliable network that can grow with your business. Let’s discuss the possibilities!

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