As you prepare your business for the forthcoming year, do not forget to evaluate your company’s current IT systems and technologies. Older, outdated technologies can pose a substantial, often overlooked, cybersecurity threat. As technology ages, it can become dated and unable to support crucial security and software updates. This can also apply to your firm’s IT infrastructure as a whole.

So, how do you determine what systems need modernization and which require a total overhaul? Work with a cyber security company in Sonoma County who can help you identify the systems and infrastructure that no longer amply suits your business’s needs. 

Modernize Your Security, Technology, and Systems

In an ever-evolving world of technology, having a team and partner you can rely on is paramount to staying on the cutting edge. With the help of an expert IT company like KLH Consulting, more business owners and executives are resting assured that they have the best in IT consulting and cybersecurity.

Evaluating IT systems for lapses in security is only a part of what we do. Our expertise at KLH Consulting covers four major areas:

Managed IT Services

Looking for reassurance that your network and IT services are in capable hands? Our staff at KLH Consulting are always seeking out new certifications and training to stay on top of industry developments and best practices. Consider outsourcing a part, or the entirety, of your IT maintenance, monitoring, and support to our experts. Maximized network performance and reliability, at a predictable cost.

Cloud Services

When it comes to modernizing systems and processes, one of the first areas to consider evaluating is current data and technology storage systems. Cloud-based infrastructure has many key benefits over traditional in-house infrastructure. Take advantage of our secure, encrypted cloud services to realize the full benefit of cloud-based infrastructure.

IT Consulting

Your company doesn’t need just another IT consultant. You need an IT consulting partner who’s committed to crafting an IT infrastructure that supports the entirety of your organizations growth. Be it compliance, security, or performance objectives, the KLH team has one goal in mind: facilitating your future growth.


Returning to the initial question, how can an organization determine when their technology, systems, and infrastructure begins to pose more of a threat than a boon to their operation? Cybersecurity audits and monitoring is one key way that businesses protect their technology and processes. Cybersecurity focuses on the construction and development of a solid security foundation that protects your data and monitors for suspicious behaviors.

Crafting a sunsetting plan for old technologies and systems while introducing faster, more secure technologies is key to maintaining a robust technological infrastructure. When you’re evaluating the status of the technologies across the entirety of your organization, it’s important to look with an expert eye.

Can’t determine the best process for evaluating your organizations systems and technologies? Let KLH Consulting help. We will help you identify the devices and systems you no longer need and help you update them in a strategic manner. To learn more, contact our experts (707) 875-6813.