Managed IT services are outsourced by businesses that need IT support but do not want to hire and maintain an in-house IT team. Managed IT service providers help their clients manage their IT resources efficiently, so they can do more with less.

Consulting companies offer a wide range of managed IT services, including cloud computing, data management, IT maintenance, email management, network testing, and many more IT solutions. Many managed service providers (MSP) help their clients beef up cybersecurity and develop solutions to networking and storage problems that can cause breakdowns and outages.

Here are some compelling reasons to consider working with an IT consulting company near you.

Cost Reduction

Managing an in-house IT team can be costly. An IT consulting company near you can help you save on the cost and headaches of managing an in-house team. MSPs have a well-developed infrastructure that allows for seamless communication. When you partner with an IT consulting company, you don’t need to invest in IT infrastructure management tools.

Depending on your business model, IT downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars per hour. Your IT outsourcing partner can help keep downtime to a minimum and even prevent downtime, saving you money.


MSPs hire seasoned IT professionals with a proven track record of success. These experts have the skills, knowhow, and technical experience required to maximize uptime. When you outsource your IT to a consulting company, you get access to their talent pool.

Your provider’s team will ensure that problems are addressed as soon as they occur. Your service provider will come up with ideas to improve network performance and will monitor your network 24/7 to keep an eye out for network issues.


Most providers charge a monthly fee. They take a flexible approach that allows their clients to pick a plan that works for your companies’ unique needs. As your business grows, you can change your plan to meet your needs. Many MSPs even offer several subscription plans to meet the unique needs of their clients and industries.

An MSP Will Ensure Compliance

You need to make sure that the technologies you use comply with federal regulations. Failure to ensure compliance could attract heavy penalties. Your MSP will ensure compliance with federal regulations for your industry. They will audit your processes and practices at regular intervals, weed out inefficient practices, and replace them with the latest ones to manage compliance risks.

Data Recovery Services

A manmade or natural disaster can destroy data residing in on-site and off-site databases. Data loss can hit your business hard. If a hacker gets hold of sensitive data, they can leak it online.

An MSP can help recover data quickly after a disaster as they continuously back up data and have a plan to secure data in case of a tragic event. They secure data in secure off-site locations which helps prevent data loss if a disaster occurs.

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